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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

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In this article, I am going to describe in finer details how I conduct my energy consulting services.  In the market, there are many so called acclaimed spiritual and religious masters or gurus who perform blessing and consecrating services and bring about positive results to whomever they have offered their services.  There are also equally many charlatans who similarly purport to perform such services for a fee but in actual fact they are all out to cheat their customers and do not produce the desired results which they would often unabashedly undertake or promise.  

To begin with, I shall reveal my background cumulating over 30 years of practicing Energy Work and Meditation.  Over the period of time, I have evolved my unique personal style integrating methods of multiple systems - Buddhist Meditation, Taoist Qigong Practice, Hindu Chakra System and Western Theosophical knowledge on Human Energy and Universe Energy Fields, and metaphysical application of stones and crystals.  I do not go around bragging that I am spiritually endowed and being conferred great spiritual powers by Divine Entities.  All that I have attained over the years are through sheer hard work, learning and practicing.

Most practitioners offering blessing services would not reveal,  or do not know how to explain how they go about performing their rituals other than relying on their inflated claim of invoking the powers of their Divine Beings.  As for myself, I have nothing to hide and shall now delve into how I systematically conduct my Energy Consulting services.

(1)  General interview of the customers - their name, age,   marital status and what they do for a living to establish a connection and put them at ease
(2)  Scanning of their body for blockage and impurities, and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses of their energy systems.

(3)  Overall cleansing of their body and energy system - Using the Etheric Pyramid method, I visually conjure an imaginary golden pyramid above their head and continuously spin it counter-clockwise to neutralise the negative energy and smoothen their overall energy system.  I actually work on the energy fields connecting to the chakra systems,  cleaning them layer by layer beginning at the Etheric Energy Field connecting to the Base Chakra,  spiralling upwards to their Emotional Energy Field linked to their Sacral Chakra and until I clear the Ketheric Energy Field relating to the Crown Chakra.  The description of the 7 Energy Fields and their relationship with the Chakra System is too complicated to explain here and merits  a more in-depth discussion in future. But, overall it is my immense ability to connect through my thoughts and awareness to the energy dimension that allows me the access and manipulation of these physically unseen forces.   

(4)  Composing my thoughts on creating a column of light - positive energy - descending upon the customer.  Depending on the faith of the customer, I would chant mantras of Buddha, Bodhisattvas or Devas and Deities to empower the column of lights.  For those who are uncomfortable with the religious overtone of chanting, I will invoke the crystalline light energy to activate the light column.

(5)  While transplanting positive energy with the column of light, I also comb their energy system to weed out the residual negative energy.  

(6)  Balance their 7 major chakras so that they are functioning in unison and of the same sizes.

(7)  Cleaning their skin and pores to remove toxic energy beneath the skin. (Optional)

(8)  Cleansing and polishing with energy their faces to bring back the healthy glow. (Optional).  A shinning complexion on the face, especially the forehead, normally increases the chances of receiving good fortune and luck. 

(9)  Divination of their wealth, career, health and family using the Yi Jing method. This is where I can advise on the prevailing luck cycle over the next few months. 

(10) Empower of talismans, charms, and pendants (including stones and crystals).

(11) There is no physical contact during the whole session.  I would estimate that the energy cleansing and empowering would stand effective for duration of approximately three to six months.  It all depends on the aggregate factors – health condition, emotional interferences, prevailing environment at home, at work and at play and people whom they interact with. All these would over a period of time affect and change the overall health status of the person’s energy system.

I have scored some immediate successes in helping some of my customers to gain windfalls especially in 4D draws.  However, not all who come to me for energy consulting services would similarly strike the pot of gold.  I always caution that everybody has a luck cycle and if it is not timely for them to welcome Lady Luck they would just have to be patient and wait.  My services in actual fact cleanses away the obstructing negative energies,  and improve up the overall positive energy of the person so that he is in a favourable position to receive good fortune and good luck.  But more importantly, the energy cleansing and empowering carried out by me will impact on the person’s overall protection against negativity, health, career and business and family harmony, besides improving the craving for the luck ingredient.

Anthony Leong 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Master Anthony Leong’s
Consultation Services


 General Fine Tuning and Turbo Charging of Energy
 for Health, Healing & Good Luck Energy

1. General interview
2. Scanning for blockages and impurities
3. Cleansing of energy system
4. Composing my thoughts on creating a column of light
-  Transmit positive energy 
-  Chant mantras  
-  Invoke the crystal light column 
5. Comb their energy system to weed out negative energy  
6. Balance their 7 major chakras (energy centers)  
     Additional Services:

1.       Empowering of talismans, charms, and pendants (including
       stones and crystals) – 
2.       Cleaning of skin, pores and face to  bring back a healthy
glow and receive positive energy 
3.      Divination of wealth, career,  health and family - 
       Limit to two questions. .

        (Note. In all the above services, no physical
         bodily contact is involved)

Monday, 21 March 2016

Combo Bracelet
Amethyst & Moss Agate for Intuitive Power & Health


When I first met up with Master Charles Chia a few months back, he asked me to make a crystal bracelet that could enhance intuitive and analytical power.  I also noticed that there were some distress signals coming from his heart region. I then did some research so as to come up with an effective bracelet for Master.

To help Master Chia to sharpen his intuitive and analytical power and improve his overall physical health, I designed a combo bracelet. It is made of moss agate and chevron amethyst beads.  Since then, he had been wearing the bracelet on his left wrist. He has made good progress in his intuitive ability in forecasting winning 4D combinations. I also observed that he became more energetic and healthier.  

Another person, John W., who has been assisting Master Chia in the monthly 4D Seminars, heard about the combo bracelet.  He confided in me that of late his energy level was low, his physical health was poor,   and his 4D luck needed to be improved too.

After wearing a similar combo bracelet made for him (moss agate and chevron amethyst), his health has turned for the better. Most importantly, he hit a 1st prize, 0852 and won $4,000.00 on 21 Feb 2016 (ticket above). He also won several other 4D prizes on 5103 (2nd prize, $410) and 5124 (consolidation $60) in Feb 2016 4D draws. 
The composition of the combo bracelet are from two fantastic stones – dark green  Moss Agate and Chevron Amethyst (also  known as dog-tooth Amethyst) which is purple in colour and contain some white inclusion. 

Moss agate is a green stone of wealth, attracting abundance in all forms. In the workplace, it draws new business and gradual expansion, increasing prosperity over time.  It is good for small businesses and the self-employed.   It improves overall physical health, enhancing the wearer’s energy level, and especially effective in countering inflammation and infection.  The stones also protect and improve our lymphatic systems. 

Chevron Amethyst, also a stone of wealth, is an excellent third eye stimulator.  It enhances inner intuitive vision, outer physical vision, and out-of-body journeys.   Used to facilitate perception and interpretation of aura and assist in diagnostic technique.  Emanates concentrated positive energy and provides for clearing of aura and for release and dissipation of negativity. It is also effective at eliminating headaches, pain, symptoms of viral and infectious disease.  It is used in treatment of disorders of lungs, intestines, pancreas and liver.  It stimulates thymus and immune system. Also used to increase proper functioning of eyes 
Personally, I like the white calcite inclusion in the amethyst, which serves to amplify the highly vibrational indigo energy, and at the same time provides excellent protection against negative energy.   Highly recommended for those suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy  treatment.  Moss agate is recommended for those who are suffering from cancer affecting the lymph nodes. (Note. If your medical condition is severe, consult a qualified medical doctor for a diagnostic)

Anthony Leong

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Fusion Energy Courses

Fusion Energy Course (Foundation Level)
  • Contents
  1. Understands natural energy and its historical background.
  2. Explains physical and energy bodies, and the chakra system.
  3. Demonstration and hands-on exercises on feeling natural energy.
  4. Hands-on exercises on feeling of quartz and stones.
  5. Basic Meditation and Centering Exercises, and walking meditation method.
  6. Using quartz and stones to help in meditation.
  7. Cleansing of quartz and stones.
  8. Basic Meditation Techniques using mantra system to open up the chakras.
  9. Revision on Meditation Techniques.
  10. Introduction to use of quartz and stones for different purposes.
  11. Programming of Stones and exercise to improve visualization.
  12. How stones affect our chakra, and their use in chakra meditation
  13. Simple pranic healing using quartz
  14. Use of pendulums for divination and forecasting purposes.
  • Expected Attainments:
By the end of the Course, students should have acquired ability to:-
  1. Understand fundamentals of natural energy system. Be sensitive to feeling existence of Natural Energy within and without their body.
  2. Harness energy to sense and improve their overall physical and mental well being.
  3. Gain knowledge and application of simple healing methods using natural energy.
  4. Consolidate oneself for higher levels meditation and healing. 
  5. Energy healing and energy attunement, whichever applicable, will be provided for individual during lessons.
  •  Investments: The course fee is S$790.00 per person – payment in full or in installments of  S$395 over two months.
  • Course Instructor:  Anthony Leong – Practices Qi-gong, meditation and pranic and crystal healing over 30 years.
  • Email:  mail@cosmosenergyhub.net
 融气道功法 (初级班)
  • 项目
  1. 解释什么是自然()能量和其历史背景.
  2. 介绍什么是物质身体能量气场和能量气轮.
  3. 示范和实习如何感应能量磁场.
  4. 示范和实习如何感应水晶与矿石磁场.
  5. 基本静坐与如何集中精神徒步修行实习.
  6. 应用水晶与矿石能量磁场加强静坐效果.
  7. 如何凈化水晶与矿石.
  8. 运用咒语加强静坐效果与启发能量气轮.
  9. 静坐復习.
  10. 介绍水晶与矿石各种用途.
  11. 如何启发加持水晶与矿石与利用它门作冥想用途.
  12. 水晶与矿石如何影响我们气轮与如何利用它门加强静坐效果.
  13. 如何利用水晶与矿石的能量磁场作保健治疗用途.
  14. 如何运用灵摆.
  • 其他
课程完毕后学员会掌握以下能力: –
  1. 领悟什么是自然能量.  增加对自然能量在体内体外的感应操作.
  2. 运用自然能量感应能力改改善整体身心健康.
  3. 领悟与运用自然能量作基本保健治疗用途.
  4. 建立对高层次静修与治疗学习基础,
  5. 在授课期间学员将会接受免费能量加持与治疗.
  • 学费:  整个课程 S$790.  可分期付款 – S$395X2.
  • 导师:  梁师父 – 个人修练气功静修  与水晶能量治疗30.
Fusion Energy Course (Intermediate Level)
  • Contents
  1. Mantra And Heart Meditation Method
  2. Walking  Meditation
  3. Activating the Micro Circulatory System using Mantra and Breathe Control.
  4. Effective Mantra chanting for cleansing and empowering.
  5. Visualization Exercises – using programming of quartz
  6. Pyramid and Orb Cleansing Methods
  7. Etheric Hand Healing Methods
  8. Remote Healing And Sensing
  9. Divination Methods.
  • Investments
Fee for the course covering eight lessons over 2 months – S$790 or in two monthly installments of S$395..
  • Course  Instructor
Anthony Leong – Practices Qi-gong, meditation and pranic and crystal healing over 20 years.
  • Email:  mail@cosmosenergyhub.net
融气班功法 (中级)
  • 项目:
  1. 咒语与心轮静修.
  2. 徒步静修.
  3. 运用咒语与呼吸法启发修成小周天.
  4. 有效利用咒语作净化加持
  5. 利用水晶,矿石作观想法.
  6. 金字塔与能量球净化加持法.
  7. 能量无形手治疗法

  • 学费:  整个课程 S$790.  可分期付款 – S$395X2.
  • 导师:  梁师父 – 个人修练气功静修  与水晶能量治疗30.

Friday, 17 July 2015


Moldavite is definitely an awesome stone. I have been working with it over years with amazing results. Nowadays, most reputable rock shops carry the stock and on- line purchases are quite convenient for would be buyers. I remember that back in the mid Nineties there was a stone retail outlet in the States called Heaven & Earth which not only had impressive collection of Moldavite specie but also had been aggressively marketing the stone and publishing books and periodicals promoting it. It is both a good healing and protective stone, which I started using almost 20 years ago. I combine moldavite with diamond in a ring to make it an offensive and defensive instrument. I have a Star of David pendant and a Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) amulet made of moldative. I have another piece in the shape of a snake gall bladder which I use as a pocket laser. I use Moldavite nuggets to make powerful elixir, both for healing and for blessing purpose. I have made another very powerful laser wand by coming it with a double terminated red quartz, a garnet and a single terminated amethyst. The stone does not need cleansing though to turbo charge it you can expose it under the sun; after it has absorbed the sun energy the stone becomes more vibrant and powerful. But, these days I use the Mantra Of Light to charge it up. Chinese Qigong masters who had encountered the stone described it as the unique green colour often associated with the luminous green colour of those outer space aliens and their space vehicles. Seen against the light the translucent stone is a beauty to behold. You cannot describe the green in any earthly language. Chinese believes the stones is good for healing the liver and the associating organ the eyes. One Qigong exponent described an experience where he could meditate and stay up whole night without falling asleep after having a piece of Moldavite with him. Another stones that are often found in meteorite, besides diamond, is peridot which also has a very unique and enchanting green. Another name given by Chinese stone hobbyists to Moldavite is the Stone of the Demons. The reason - they believe that the stone is so powerful that it may cause novices and the uninitiated individuals to lose consciousness momentally; so those who are driving and working on machines are advised not to have them on their persons for the fear of ending up in accidents while they are all of the sudden " seized" by the stone. Otherwise, most people when they first come into contact with the stones would feel from the mild tingling warm sensations to a sudden painful experience as if being burned, or have that "spacey feelings". (Another stone a native of America the Hekimer Diamond of New York also gives that same spacey feeling to the users).. For practical purpose, sometimes I use Moldavite to clear blockages and it often works. Once in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I used the ring which helped me to bring down the healing light on a lady, who is herself a Chinese physician and Qi-gong practitioner (Master level). From a distance of about 50 feet, I held the ring in my right hand and visualised the energy of moldavite enhanced by the diamonds cascading upon her, clearing and activating all her chakras - from Crown downwards until it reaches the feet - and she gave me the feedback that she could actually feel all her "meridian points and channels" being opened up. I recommended the stone to some of my friends who complained of harassment from negative entities. And, they gave me feedback subsequently that the stone worked. Once I slept with the stones at the foot of my leg and it helped me draw the energies of the distant stars into my body. It initiated me to meditate on the stars and tap their energies. There are other meteorites which I have used with good results - those black and brown tektite from Thailand though I have a few rare pieces from Tibet. I sleep with Tektite pieces under my pillow. I remember the first time when I encountered them I saw flashes of brilliant lights in my bed room. Another meteorite stone I use is the nickel iron specie. I have the metallic stone in a star of david formation, and in shapes of the Tibetan Vajra and Phuba artifacts. They are very powerful protector, and one in the shape of the Vajra is kept at the car boot to protect the rear of my car while I have another black tektite craved in the image of the Earth Store Bodhisattva hanging from my rear view mirror. By Anthony

Friday, 3 July 2015

Meteorite Stones

    Pyramid formation made of Iron Meteorite 

Tektite cut and polished into a slab.

Specimens of Semi-Precious Stones

A rare collection specimens of semi-precious stones in cabochon.  (Selling Price:  S$200).